We expect a 39 M€ turnover in 2019

31 Jan 2019
Patrilar Group maintains the pace of investment in the four business areas – equipment and engineering, modular construction, real estate and wine production. As it was mentioned by the president of the group, Alberto Cravo, Metalusa, together with our subsidiaries, will reach a 18,75 million Euro turnover in 2019. In modular construction, growth is based […]

Flutt was considered one of the top five sparkling wines of this year by the Jornal Económico

28 Dec 2018
The Jornal Económico has published an article dedicated to 2018 wines, with taste suggestions from north to south Portugal. There are 40 wine suggestions, five in each of the following categories: best sparkling wine, best liqueur wine, best red varietal, best white varietal, best red wine, best white wine and best sparkling quality / price […]

Launch of Positive Royal Brut Sparking White Wine

18 Dec 2018
PositiveWine launched its new Royal Brut Sparkling White Wine last Saturday (8th December). The event was organised and promoted by PT Wine Garrafeira. The new sparkling wine, featuring citrus notes and a slight toasted aroma, was a huge success in the opinion of those who tasted it on this most pleasant of afternoons.

PositiveWine presents a new sparkling wine: Positivo Royal

15 Nov 2018
PositiveWine is proud to present Positivo Royal – Brut Sparkling Wine. A sophisticated, well-balanced sparkling wine featuring citric and discreet toasted notes and a fine, full body. The first tasting of this fantastic sparkling wine will take place at Palácio do Freixo, at the “Bairrada no Porto 2018”, event to be held on 18 November. […]

Grape Harvests 2018

22 Oct 2018
TRUST “What is beautiful in this world, and inspires us, Is seeing that in the grape harvest Of each dream The vines are dreaming of another adventure… And that sweetness Left untried Turns Into a sweetness That is far purer And far newer…” (Torga, Miguel) 1945 in “Vindima”) The end of the summer and beginning […]


12 Sep 2018
The 25th edition of the Piglet Festival starts today (5 September) in Águeda. PositiveWine is present at the event with Positivo White Wine 2017, Flutt White and Flutt Rosé. In the 25th edition of the festival (which ends on 9 September) we can find the best piglet roasters in the region, sparkling wines tasting, regional […]

Flutt was considered the best Portuguese wine to accompany starters of the Japanese cuisine

29 Aug 2018
PositiveWine’s Flutt was chosen as the best Portuguese wine to accompany starters at the Sakura Awards 2018 contest. The judges of the Sakura Awards chose 5 Portuguese wines from the 22 that competed at the “Portugal Wine Challenge Portugal 2018”. The event took place last July in the city of Tokyo with the cooperation of […]

Flutt best sparkling wine of the year!

01 Aug 2018
Flutt best sparkling wine of the year! Grand Gold Medal.

My humble beginnings in the world of wine

23 Jul 2018
I have strong memories of harvest season and the hustle and bustle that took over my paternal grandparent’s home when, full of pride, they were able to fill half a dozen small old barrels with wine from the wide variety of grapes that the vines had decided to offer that year. Back in those days, […]


15 Jun 2018
“Master Sommelier” John Szabo, who participated as Grand Jury of this year’s edition of the Wines of Portugal Challenge, praises the high general quality of the competing wines, in an edition that was marked by the “excellent performance of the single variety wines, in a Country known for its blends”. The emphasis he places on […]