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PositiveWine is a wine producer focused on creating quality wines with Protected Designation of Origin (Denominação de Origem Protegida – DOP) Bairrada and Protected Geographical Indication (Identificação Geográfica Protegida – IGP) Beira Atlântico

PositiveWine is responsible for the wine-growing management of two vineyards in the Bairrada region: “Adega Original” and “Adega Quatro Cravos”.´

The vineyards grow in two different kinds of soil, the clay, loam and limestone soils and sandy soils of varying degrees of grain with moderate clay content.

As a result of the type of soil in the region, the wines made are distinguished, balanced and with aromatic sophistication inland while light and lively in the coastland.

The brands marketed have the seal “By Positivewine” on them as an assurance of quality and commitment by the company to its products.


Martinho da Silva Cravo begins his fascinating journey into the world of winemaking in his father-in-law’s, Sebastião da Mota Domingues Gala, winery.

It was the year of 1907 when Martinho Cravo started making red wine from Baga and white wine from Maria-Gomes, on his own, to sell in bulk to taverns and snack restaurants in the north, especially in the areas of Ovar and Porto.

The success of the business sparked the will to build a new winery. In 1911 the Adega Quatro Cravos is founded, with a capacity of four lagares and equipped with state of the art equipment, at the time. Over the years the winery suffered changes and improvements to what it currently is. For more than one hundred years, from generation to generation, the family kept the tradition of producing bulk wine, until the winery come to the ownership of the great grandson Alberto Cravo.

An entrepreneur, Alberto formed the Sociedade Agrícola Quatro cravos Lda., to update and develop the business, while going to business together with the winemaker Nuno Bastos with the company Positivewine, Lda.

This type of business model is novel in the region and allowed the family to capitalise on the patrimony and heritage related to winemaking, while allowing it to focus on the making of quality wines and sparkling wines from the Bairrada region.

PositiveWine, Lda. was made the channel of implementation of the new project, in the areas of producing, winemaking, bottling and sale of wine created from the grapes harvested from the vineyards owned by the wineries under its custody.


With quality grapes, dedication, effort and a lot of passion, we look for excellence in each and every one of the bottles made.

The current partners in the business are Alberto Cravo and Nuno Bastos.

The first concern of the company was to keep intact the legacy of the Cravo family concerning the work on the vineyeards, interfering the least amount possible in the production stage. A decision was made to only keep the production of the traditional grape varieties of Bairrada.

The construction of the “Adega Original” and the acquisition of land with clay-limestone soils in order to plant new vines reinforced the century old capacity of “Adega Quatro Cravos” and allow it to grow and maintain a level of production of high quality wines and sparkling wines on the market under the brands “Original”, “Pé de Ganso”, “Flutt” and “Positivo” and with the label “by PositiveWine”.

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