The company PositiveWine was born in November 2013, from the desire of enologists Nuno Bastos and Luís Santos to work with sparkling wines in an innovative way, in a rupture with the processestraditional methods of production, packaging and marketing of effervescent wines.

The impetus of youth, associated with irreverence in a sector marked by its conservative character, did not provide the imagined success for the new concept of sparkling wine packaged in 200 ml cans. Time has shown that the project was thought ahead of its time, before the market successfully accepted it.

In 2015, “Sociedade Agrícola Quatro Cravos, Lda” enters the share capital of the company Positivewine, Lda. to provide the investment required for “FLUTT” in cans to gain the dimension that had been thought of by its creators. The opening of the market to this innovative concept consolidated the leadership of the “FLUTT” brand in effervescent wines packed in cans. With the market launch of “FLUTT” sparkling wine in bottle, PositiveWine won the highest national and international awards, which forced us to rethink the positioning of the “FLUTT” brand. At the end of 2021, the merger of the two companies takes place, with the integration of PositiveWine in the assets of Quatro Cravos, with Positivewine being given autonomy to produce effervescent wines in bottle with the “FLUTT” brand, with the “semi-sparkling wine” being packaged in cans, housed in the “VIVO” brand.


In the words of the winemaker, after choosing the profile of the wine, we choose the best grapes and pay attention to the first fermentation and time in the isobaric tank to squeeze an extra dose of complexity. This gustatory improvement is achieved due to the autolytic action of the enzymes while decomposing the yeasts into aminoacids to enrich the flavour and aroma of the wine.

That is the secret for the complex smooth flavour of our sparkling wine “Flutt”. The fruity aromas disappear and are replaced by notes of roasted nuts and caramel, through oxidation.

The grapes Maria-Gomes and Bical are the basis of the sparkling wine Flutt.

Similar to all great sparkling wines, it has a fine bubble with a long persistent ending in the mouth.

Round and creamy, with clear notes of caramel and roasted nuts, it has a full long finish.


A produção de vinhos efervescentes através do processo de espumantização, embalados em latas “slim” de 200ml foi acarinhado pela PositiveWine desde a fase inicial, escolhendo a empresa as uvas adequadas para produzir um vinho fresco e frutado.

It is a fresh effervescent wine, very light and with a balanced acidity to be enjoyed in any time, any place.

VIVO LATA é is an effervescent wine in a can.

VIVO LATA é is to enjoy with no illusions of grandeur.

VIVO LATA é is to enjoy with pleasure.

VIVO LATA é FLUTT SEMI-SPARKLING is a genuine joyful companion.


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